Gary Kasparov officially retired from chess in 2005, but how do you supposed he’d have gone against some of the increasingly strong Chinese players of today?

My favorite Chinese player for some time has been Shanxi born superstar Wang Yue, a guy who unlike a lot of Chinese players, does not have a tactical playing style.

Wang instead plays technical, strategic chess – often accumulating small advantages and heading into an endgame to convert them (often squeezing for 50 moves to do so).

Here’s the game of Wang’s which originally impressed me.

A lovely technical win over Ding Liren’s pet King’s Indian which really looks effortless.

Keep an eye out for the beautiful positional moves 21.e5! and 56.b4!!

Wang Yue vs Ding Liren

So the above game, was played ten years after Gary Kasparov (another lover of the King’s Indian) retired.

How do you think he’d go?

Here’s an example of Kasparov’s King’s Indian from the 1980s.

Absolutely powerful attacking play – keep an eye out for the multiple pawn sacrifices played by Kasparov.

Jon Speelman vs Gary Kasparov

Matchup: Kasparov from 1983 vs Wang Yue from 2015!

So what I’ve done is made a “Kasparov 83” Rodent personality and a Wang Yue Rodent personality, and given them opening books based ONLY on wins by the players.

Moves will be selected from the opening books based on the frequency of wins played in real OTB games by the GMs.

This is about as close as we’ll ever get to witnessing a match between these two players, so GRAB A DRINK AND GET READY FOR IT!


Click here to download Rodent Kasparov 83!