You guys know me. I love chess and I love teaching chess.

I love helping ambitious players to improve their game.

This is what I do and I actually think I’m pretty good at it.

I have a group of videos I’ve been putting together on my Youtube channel which showcase a few of my best attacking efforts (check em out here) and break down exactly what went into making the attack work, which elements were in play and what my opponents could have done to slow the bleeding.

I am pretty sure that the average player could improve their attacking play tons, just by watching these videos and taking a few notes.

So…the other day I uploaded a video “Chess Tactics and Attacking Chess #3” to YouTube before going to bed, assuming that by the morning it would be uploaded and my good friends (you guys) and students (also some of you guys) will have checked it out and maybe even learnt something.

I couldn’t believe it when I spotted the following email in my inbox.


What? Inappropriate??

How is it “inappropriate” to have a chess instructional video on a site littered with stuff like street fights, naked girls and other shady material?

I did some quick research and assessed my options, finding that I had the option to appeal the ruling.

I did so and received the following email.


So I get a canned (automated) response and no explanation as to what my offence was.

It interesting that the other videos in the same series are all ok.

Is there something I said or did in the video?

Anyway, I posted it to my Vimeo Account and would be grateful if you guys have a look at it.

Nevertheless, I will continue to make videos for you, regardless of YouTube’s weird rulings.