In discussions about style in chess or even chess engine playing styles, we often hear words like “tactical”, “aggressive” and “attacking” used to describe one way of playing – while for another, we hear words like “strategic”, “solid” and “positional” being thrown around.

Kasparov vs Karpov – Perhaps the biggest Tactical vs Positional Match EVER!


Players in the former category (such as GM Kasparov above) prefer to “go for the king” directly since, that’s the aim of the game after all – to capture the enemy king.

Creating a multi-stage plan to slooooooowly rid himself of long-term pawn weaknesses is absurd to this type of guy.

Conversely, guys from the latter category of strategists (such as GM Karpov above), think long term and know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

They consider those “cavemen” who attack from move one as hustlers looking for cheap tricks, and when they lose to them, they feel deep inside that somehow the “trickster” got lucky.

Generally, this strategist is happy to absorb even the most vicious of attacks from his less sophisticated, “caveman” opponent – so long as he emerges from it with extra material, superior pawn structure, better minor piece, or an edge in the endgame.

And this is the stylistic battleground that many a chess game is fought upon.

But which chess playing style is actually superior?

Well, you tell me…

Morphy or Steinitz?

Tal or Botvinnik?

Petrosian or Spassky?

Alekhine or Capablanca?

Kasparov or Karpov?

Carlsen or…..Wei Yi?

Well, better give Wei Yi a bit more time, but you get the idea.

This Tactical vs Positional archetype has existed for as long as chess has, and what I plan to do with the help of my trusty library of chess engines, is figure out which is superior.

Not for scientific reasons, but for very enjoyable, “fun” reasons” that are pretty subjective.

And this is all designed to help you improve at chess, while doing it in the context of something much more interesting than the typical, mainstream “chess course”…

And so without further ado, I’d like to introduce…

The Tactical vs Positional Chess Engine Style Challenge!

chess engine style

In this competition, engines of completely opposing styles will be placed head-to-head in a battle to the death – a battle to prove that their playing style is indeed superior.

Any points they score will be added to the overall team total.

Did I say team? Yes!

Here are the two chess engine teams who will be fighting to prove the superiority of their playing style.

Tactical vs Positional Chess Engine Style Challenge

Team Lineup:

This challenge will be played over the course of several months and under the following conditions:

Number of Games (Per Match)6
Time Control5+2
Draw Adjudication3+4+5 Man Tablebases
GUI Arena 3.5.1
Opening Book/s Attackers use Attacker book, Positional use Positional book, GM personalities use Repertoire book.


What’s most interesting about the Tactical vs Positional Challenge is the way matches will be presented to you

The video above is just a small taste of what I’m planning for this challenge.

Each Tactical vs Positional Course Will Also Contain..

…enough content to make you LOVE chess again, plus gain dozens of Elo points in playing strength.

This is my intention for you!

Let’s see…

The first Tactical vs Positional package, in which you’ll get the following:

  • 6 Live Match Videos (View the games in progress with commentary. Perfect  entertainment for an increasingly boring chess world!)
  • 6 Post Game Analysis Videos (Post match detailed analysis. This is where we dig deep into the games and get serious. You’ll improve your chess understanding considerably with the games explained from a human perspective, in words human learners can understand and learn from quickly. )
  • Engine Download Links (wondering why our hero played a certain move? Download the engine yourself, load it and ask him! It’s just like asking a real GM the idea behind his move!)
  • PGN files of all games played (Analyze the games later, tear them apart and enjoy big jumps in your chess strength)
  • PDF training file (Reveals proven step-by-step methods aspiring players can take from the games and implement to win their own chess games)

This is the most exciting news in chess training for a long time, so don’t miss out when the first download drops.

Tactical vs Positional Chess Engine Style Challenge: Match 1

The first match will be…

Critter 0.52b (2773) vs Rodent III Karpov (2799)

And the results, plus, most importantly the full download is FREE!

Click here to get Tactical vs Positional 1 for FREE!