Tactical vs Positional #2 is Now Just...

Ten Bucks!

Looking for a brand new way to improve your chess?

Do you like learning from "human-like" chess programs?

Tactical vs Positional # 2 gives you almost 5 hours of instructive chess content that'll have your eyes glued to the screen for hours!

You'll soon become a more dangerous opponent as the powerful skills of both tactical and positional chess players are revealed before your eyes. 

 What Do You Get Inside?

  • 6 LIVE Match Videos (Watch in pleasure as the players battle it out with live commentary!)
  • 6 Post Game Analysis Videos (Go deeper in your understanding as we do a full video analysis of every game)
  • Full Engine Downloads (Download the engines and use them yourself)
  • PGN of ALL Games (Easily analyze the games yourself or with one of the engines themselves!)
  • PDF Training Material (This comprehensive analysis of the key positions will make your learning simple!)
  • "How to Use Rodent personalities" video (a step-by-step video showing exactly how to setup the Rodent Covert Pawns engine)

HOURS of Chess Battles - ALL with Commentary!


HOURS of Highly Instructive Postmortem Analysis!

...Totaling Close to FIVE HOURS of Video!

And this is still not even mentioning your Training PDF, Complete PGN file, Chess Engines (free ones) and a How to Video (makes setting up Rodent personalities simple!)

All this for TEN BUCKS? ​
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