So I actually predicted wrong.

The first Tactical vs Positional match (more info here on this big news) has resulted in a narrow win for Rodent III Karpov over Critter 0.52b.

I’d seen some past games between these two where Critter had basically torn Rodent Karpov to shreds with his raw tactical strength, so although I am a big fan of RK’s style – I gave the edge to Critter.

I was wrong.

And Rodent Karpov has now pushed the positional team ahead overall by a full point.

Still a narrow gap though, with many many matchups to go.

Check out this position from the VERY FIRST GAME!

Think You Gonna Handle Those Passed Pawns?

Rodent Karpov showed great understanding going into a position where he was a piece down, but with very active pieces, and the opportunity to attack some weak white pawns.

He soon turns this into powerful passed pawns on both sides of the board!

Here’s the full game.

Great stuff, right?

I still think the tactical team will eventually emerge on top, but it’s great to see Rodent Karpov score for the positional team.

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