A few days ago, I introduced you to a Dutch master named Manuel Bosboom, a master who plays chess with a very unique brand of creativity and extreme aggression.

I mentioned that I’d received a reader email requesting that I deconstruct and then model IM Bosboom’s playing style with a chess engine personality

Today, I’ll show you the result.

That’s right. Rodent III Bosboom has been born.

I spent quite some time looking over Manuel Bosboom’s games, and I noticed that in his most beautiful games there are some recurring patterns.

These patterns are in my opinion, the primary weapons Bosboom uses to win his most brilliant games and not only this, but they’re also those which give him the most satisfaction to play on the board.

Below I’ll give examples of Bosboom playing style attributes and show how I’ve (hopefully) replicated them with Rodent III Bosboom.

Manuel Bosboom Queen Sacrifices

Like all chessplayers, Bosboom likes to sacrifice his queen, and if he can do it for primarily positional compensation, even better.

Here are a few examples of Bosboom’s queen sacrifices.

Firstly, the one we seen a few days ago…

And here’s another one which I’m sure must have come as a surprise to the black player.

And here’s a opening queen sac idea he’d already beaten some other GMs with, but unfortunately, Vishy Anand was too strong.

Now how could we possibly make an engine play such crazy and imaginative ideas?

Isn’t a human mind needed for such things?

Not entirely.

Rodent III Bosboom Queen Sacrifices

Here are some interesting queen sacrifices that my new Rodent III Bosboom personality played in some of the testing games.

This one features a nice queen sac for two pieces and a strong passed pawn.

This game against Hakkapeliitta 2.0 reminds me of the real Bosboom beating Helfrich above.

And here are three more queen sacrifices with black, that are simply mind-boggling.

We’ll start with a game I simply couldn’t believe.

I can still remember when this version of Rybka was the strongest engine on earth!

How far we’ve come.

I don’t know how to explain the next one. Pepito thought that when he “trapped” Bosboom’s queen, he was winning.

But Bosboom had other ideas…

But wait until you see the next one.

It’s difficult to know exactly how Alfil went wrong here. 14…Qxd4 looks ridiculous, but somehow he made it work against a strong opponent.

So what do you think? Have we captured the essence of the Dutch maestro’s approach to queen sacrifices? I think we’ve reached a close approximation anyway. 😉

Bosboom Pawn Storms

IM Bosboom also has a penchant for storming his opponent’s king with pawns (usually his h and or g pawns), usually having also castled on on the opposite side of the board.

Here’s an example.

And I’m sure you’ll see more examples of pawn storms in some other sample games I share in this post.

Can we replicate this? Yes, Pawel has actually given us a setting to tweak which is perfect for it.

Rodent III Bosboom Pawn Storms

Here’s a crushing win against a quite strong opponent. Watch those pawns storm up the board!

Here’s a fantastic example of first 1.sacrificing a piece to open the king’s position, 2.castling on opposite sides, and 3. overwhelming the kingside with a pawn storm.

Have a look.

And finally, have we achieved similarity with IM Bosboom’s overall kingside attacking style.

Let’s see…

Bosboom King Attacks

The following game contains several themes we’ve mentioned.

IM Bosboom 1. castled on the opposite side to his opponent, 2. launched his g-pawn, and 3. his overall kingside attack contained a devastating knight sacrifice as the final breakthrough.

That game is essentially the prototype of how IM Bosboom plays chess.

Now let’s look how we went with Rodent Bosboom.

Rodent III Bosboom King Attacks

This is a beautiful game. Rodent Bosboom crushes a former computer world champion in 22 moves with a devastating Bosboom style attack.

We see a strange move 7.Qd3 (similar to the real Bosboom’s win over GM Johansen’s French defense), opposite castling, a very nice pawn sacrifice 10.d5!, and finally a strong attack ending with the killer knight sacrifice 20.Nxf7!!


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