As you might know, I took a LONG time away from the blog, and I gotta tell you…I really missed playing training games with chess engines while I was gone.

For this reason, in addition to my normal posting, I’ll be starting a “Man vs Machine” series where I’ll take on a chess engine in a 25 5 standard game with no vision of the engine’s thinking/PV/Eval and no vision of the opening book.

Just me and the engine in rapid tournament conditions…a fight to the death haha! 😆 😎

ChessnCognac Man vs Machine #1:

My first challenge was played yesterday against the Dorpsgek engine by Matthew R. Brades, which I’d heard somewhere had a very unique playing style.

Mathew was apparently already writing engines at 12 years old, and wrote this particular one at around 17 years old…such prodigious talent is in my view definitely an explanation for Dorp’s lovely playing style.

dorpsgek chess engine

And speaking of style, here are some comments on the engine.

I see some engines around 2400elo really playing more aggressive chess (Isa, Dorpsgek for example). – Vivien Clauzon (Auther of Weini chess engine)

To my eyes, Dorpsgek is an optimistic program that likes open positions and active pieces. Being scored about a pawn ahead is equality for Dorps. – Dorpsgek’s Author

From what I can tell, Dorpsgek likes space advantages, likes attacking with pawns and doesn’t like castling.

Rarely have I seen a chess computer that would prefer to launch a pawn storm than castle kingside…this guy is really special.


Here’s a game Dorpsgek played on

And here’s a game he played against another classic human-like engine, Lambchop. Again not castling!

Quite a nice and extremely unique playing style, you must admit!

How do you think I did against this guy?

Dorpsgek Dillinger (2205) vs Brendan

Firstly, I’ll tell you that I really enjoyed playing with Dorpsgek. I felt like I could compete with this engine and that I truly wasn’t playing against a computer.

Early in the game I acheived a clear positional advantage, but Dorpsgek defended solidly and began a counterattack on the kingside.

man vs machine chess engine

Relaying the moves to my beautiful wooden board to simulate tournament play.

What happened next? See the video below and pay attention  to the game’s stunning conclusion!

Download Dorpsgek Dillinger (with WB2UCI for running in Fritz GUI)

Click here to Download Dorpsgen