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A Killer Mating Attack by King of Kings 2.56 Chess Engine! (DOWNLOAD Included)

A fantastic mating attack by black, right?

The King of Kings 2.56 chess engine was recommended by some computer chess nuts somewhere on the net, and so I downloaded it and entered it into one of my tournaments.

King of Kings 2.56 chess engine
King of Kings 2.56 is a “modest” 2434 on the CCRL Rating List…


I didn’t pay too much attention until the game in question popped up on the screen and as you’ll see – it’s quite impressive.

Here’s the game. ┬áTake another look at this brilliant mating attack that King of Kings 2.56 unleashed on his opponent.

Loading embedded chess game…

So if you want to give this unique engine a try – download it below.

Trigger goes here

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