Tonight I was sitting at a cafe here in Jinan and decided to play some blitz on the ICC (Internet Chess Club).

I recorded it for you, so I hope you like the game and the rough analysis I did afterwards.

I have also decided to make this a regular addition to the blog as well (assuming the response from you guys is positive 😉 ).

The lessons to be learnt from this game are:

  1. Learn your openings thoroughly (I wasn’t sure what to do against his …f6 move 😐 )
  2. If you plan on castling on the opposite side to your opponent, don’t get caught behind in development! His attack will break through first and you’ll lose.
  3. Even if you aren’t sure what to do, just think logically, be aggressive and believe in yourself. No opponent will play perfectly.

Enjoy the Video Guys! 🙂