A loyal reader of Chess & Cognac recently asked me related to chess engine:

Can you make a quick video how to configure personalities in rebel chess engine?

Now fellas…

I appreciate each and every reader this blog gets and will do my utmost to help you guys out with anything chess-wise you’re struggling with, and so for that reason…

I made some time and got to making the requested video.  😎

Rebel/Prodeo happens to be one of my favourite chess engines anyway (I reviewed it here) because it is strong, but also has a human-like and aggressive playing style.

prodeo chess engine

Collecting personalities (a personality is a collection of settings for a chess engine that influence its playing style. By the way. Prodeo has an awesome Tal personality which is great for training games) for Prodeo and configuring them is a tedious task although worth it, but I have decided to take away the tedium by doing the following.

What I did for you awesome chess engine readers.  😉

  1. Zipped up my own Prodeo chess engine folders as they are.
  2. Uploaded and made them available for download.
  3. Made a video showing how to install and configure them.

I know I know… No need to flatter me guys!

You’re welcome!  😆

Just download the engines, install them and have some fun.

I recommend the following personalities.

Prodeo 1.7 – Storm

Prodeo 1.7 – Q3 Tactical Engine

Prodeo 1.6 – ALEXAL

Prodeo 1.6 – MACHEID

Prodeo 2.0 – Tal

Prodeo 2.0 – MACHEID

Prodeo 2.0 – ALEXAL

These are personally my favorite personalities, but there are HEAPS (you’ll see 😉 ) and if you like positional opponents, why not try the Karpov personality?

Have Fun!


Download ProDeo Personality Pack!

Oh and here’s the “How to” video. Enjoy!