Tactical vs Positional #1

Ever wanted to improve your own positional/tactical play...without the work?
Tactical vs Positional #1 is a brand new idea that merges entertainment and chess learning - banishing forever the traditional and boring style of the average chess course.
Grab a ringside seat as Critter - one of the most aggressive chess engines on earth - plays a 6 game match with Rodent Karpovan absolute positional maestro who plays in the style of former world champion Anatoly Karpov.
This course uncovers glaring differences between positional and tactical play - and reveals advanced strategies which you can model to win your own chess games
It contains 3.5 hours of videos and will allow you to vastly improve your chess in a short time, all the while being totally entertained!

Bobby Fischer 

Beautiful Chess Games, Weird Stuff and Cool Articles.

Bobby Fischer was a chess Grandmaster who could possibly be the greatest player in history. 

He played beautiful chess to be sure, but his personal life was full of turmoil. 

This book reflects upon both sides of Bobby Fischer from his amazing 6-0 performances in his candidates matches and his 20 game winning streak against top players to his "weird" arrest in Pasadena, plus quotes, theories, and thoughts on the 11th World Chess Champion.