In the first Tactical vs Positional match, Rodent III Karpov handled the tactical attempts of Critter 0.52b with all of the patience, positional subtlety and finesse we’d expect of the real Anatoly Karpov.

Although he lost games, Karpov was careful enough not to lose any one-sided tactical smashes.

And yes, it is very easy to lose in this way when facing Critter.

Will the positional side triumph again in Tactical vs Positional 2?

It’s time to place our bets. 😉

The combatants for the Tactical vs Positional 2 battle have been announced…are you READY?

In the red corner…coming all the way from the Canada – the “Mighty Mauler of the Maple”

Thinker 5.1e Passive!!!   

…and in the blue corner…coming all the way from Poland – the “Prince of Pawn Pressure” himself…

 Rodent III Covert Pawns!!!   

In case you aren’t familiar with these classy fighters, let me give you a quick rundown. 

Thinker 5.1e Passive

This engine is a relentless attacker who loves to sacrifice pieces for pawns – especially around the enemies’ king.

Here are a few comments from computer chess fans about Thinker:

I am amazed how this engine plays chess, just take a look how it trashed Deep Hiarcs 12 in this game, with amazing sacrifices. Hiarcs never had a chance. – Damir Desevac


I remember how I discovered Thinker. Someone posted a game and claimed that Thinker was extremely aggressive, so I decided to download the engine and match it against Spike.

On the very first game Thinker sacrificed a knight in the opening! :O I was in awe at the amazing style, but Spike was reporting some very high eval so I was sure that Thinker had just blundered a knight.

It was when Spike realized he was lost and Thinker won that game that I got hooked into Thinker! – Uly 

And here’s an example of Thinker’s attacking prowess.

Protect your kingside from this guy!

Rodent III Covert Pawns

Covert Pawns” is a personality for the Rodent chess engine that values pawn play above all else!

He cares about having a healthy pawn structure, he cares about having a strong pawn chain, and he likes to rush his pawns up the board to gain space as well.

He’s a positional player primarily, so if you dare to allow yourself a pawn weakness against this guy, you might as well resign early.

And never allow his pawns to advance too far!

Look at how he dismantled the 2950 Elo Wasp 2.60, mostly through the use of his pawns…

Amazing to see a lower rated engine do that to Wasp, using just pawn play and a little bit of positional maneuvering.

I hope you’re as excited about the coming match up as me!

Who Will Win?

So who is going to win this match?

The ruthlessly aggressive kingside attacker Thinker…

…or the smooth and positional master of pawn play – Rodent Covert Pawns?

I think it is anybody’s guess, but the match is coming in one week and don’t worry – you’ll be the first to know about it.



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