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Back when I was an active tournament player, an app like Chess Journal would have been a lifesaver.

I played in chess tournaments all over the place, and the score sheets (If I kept them) would be scattered messily in my backpack and later in my bedroom cupboard.

Maybe I’d meet with a friend who’d then ask me how I did in my game against so and so, and I’d say “let me show you the game!”

Then, I’d go searching for the score sheet.

Sound familiar?

Chess Journal – The Tournament Player’s Scoresheet Storage Solution

So recently, and unfortunately about 7 years too late, I was chatting on twitter with Jon (@chessjournalapp) and he convinced me (very easily, I might add) to give Chess Journal a try.

Going through a game in Chess Journal for the iPad...

Going through a game in Chess Journal for the iPad…

The above image is what you see when scrolling through a game in the app.

Simply beautiful graphics, easy to understand buttons, and easy functions make for a pleasurable experience and absolute ease in entering your games.

The “goals” function is a very nice idea for keeping track of any targets you’re trying to hit in your chess and the option to sort games into “seasons” rather than merely sorting by date is a really nice touch.

Chess Journal

I’ve just created my “2017” season and entered the first game

If You’re a Tournament Player – Grab a Copy Today

If I decide to get back into active tournament play (as I’ve considered a few times already), I’ll be taking my iPad armed with Chess Journal to all of them.

And if you play in tournaments, you should too – and by the way – it’s now also available for Android!

And at less than ten bucks for a whole year (for the premium version), you’d have to be an absolute cheapskate not to use it.

Chess Journal Price

Cheapskates need not apply, real-chessplayers go get a copy!

Click here to go and get a copy of Chess Journal app for your iPad or Android device, and you’ll have an easy way to take your chess games everywhere you go.

A Highly Recommended app from ChessnCognac.com!