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Chess Engine Challenge: Chess System Tal 2 (Game 2)

Black against Chess System Tal 2 was no walk in the park…


chess system tal game
Game in progress…

Game 1 was difficult enough although I managed to save that game from a worse position.

In game 2 I actually had a better position at some point, but mis-timed my critical break and allowed Chess System Tal to take over.

Chess Engine – Chess System Tal 2 vs Brendan J. Norman

In the game I avoided by beloved Najdorf and instead played a Classical Sicilian, which is a little safer against an opponent of this calibre.

10…Qc7 allowed the computer to double my pawns for which I got the bishop pair and an open g-line and then my pawn sacrifice 12…0-0-0! gave me domination of the dark squares.

So far so good.

Position after 14…Bg7.

Chess System Tal defended well with cautious moves like 15.Rd3! and 17.Qf2 and this is when a weakness in my chess (which I’ll now work hard to remedy) revealed itself.

New Weakness Revealed:

When an opponent defends well, I often lash out with undisciplined moves and miss chances to just quietly improve my position. Well…being aware of and admitting a weakness is already 50% of the cure. 🙂

In this game, I played 18…d5?! too impulsively and later missed the chance to play 22…Rgd8 23.Be2 Rxd5 24.cxd5 and 24…Rc5!.

The rook and minor piece ending was essentially hopeless, although I must admit that Chess System Tal’s conversion was very nice and human-like, especially the lovely 36.Re1-e5-b5 manoeuvre.

Here’s the game and below it you’ll find a brief video analysis I did for you.

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon fellas.  😉

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  • Xristos Kofinas says:

    Hello Brendan! I turn back to chess because of you!.Can we have a list of chess engines that offer 1: Reduce of strength… and 2: Chess style configuration?

    • Brendan J. Norman says:

      Hi Xristos! That an excellent thing to hear. I’m happy to inspire you back to our game. 🙂 Yes! I’m about to release a little downloable ebook with all of the engines you are looking for in there (and their download links). Keep an eye out, I’ll finish it as soon as I can.

  • Bobby Garry says:

    Can you make a quick video how to configure personalities in rebel chess engine?

    • Brendan J. Norman says:

      Sure buddy, I’ll do it tomorrow (its 2am here haha). 🙂

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