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I have an announcement…

Round two of “Brendan’s Awesome Training Tournament” is complete and we have seen some great games this round. Grab a drink and get ready because here come the results!

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In this round’s report we’ll  see some clear examples of our player’s styles and some beautiful attacks as well, but for now check out the crosstable…

round 2

Did you notice something? Yep! I managed to bounce back from last round’s loss against Schola and win my game against Neurosis, but we’ll get to that soon.

Let’s look at the results one by one.

Twisted Logic Cognac vs Mephisto Amsterdam: 1-0

Mephisto Amsterdam got his queen stuck on the kingside being kicked around by white minor pieces and Twisted Logic Cognac then used this initiative to break open the kingside and win the game.

Observe the way the black knight on b6 is like a parked car in the end and doing nothing to help defend the king.

Thinker 5.1e Active vs Zappa Mexico II Dissident Aggressor: 1-0

Straight out of the opening, Zappa Mexico DA sacrifices a pawn and then a piece to open up the white king’s defence. The attack looks pretty terrifying.

It seems like white should be very careful, and he is… Thinker defends very accurately (against an attack most humans would not be able to handle) and wins in nice style.

You have to admit, a move like 24.Nxb7 takes nerves of steel!

BigLion vs Rodent II Henny: 0-1

Rodent II Henny boldly sacrifices an exchange (15…Nxe4) and gets a pawn for it.

It seems like he doesn’t get much else, but the unbalanced material allows him to outplay his opponent over the course of a long game and eventually get the win.

BigLion played very well in this game and was unlucky to lose such a game.

Frenzee vs Comet A98: 1-0

Comet plays the opening aggressively and puts pressure on Frenzee, but Frenzee again shows his class here.

In true super grandmaster style, he gains an advantage on the queenside and calmly defends against Comet’s impressive kingside attempts at counterplay.

An instructive positional game.

DeepSjeng16 Redshift vs Gambit Fruit Cognac: 0-1

Gambit Fruit Cognac sacrifices an exchange and in return prevents his opponent from castling and gains a power passed pawn.

This game has a LOT in common with my game against Schola from last round and I’d recommend you look at them side-by-side for a comparison.

Again, we see a material imbalance (2 rooks and weak king vs rook, bishop and passed pawn) allowing the stronger player to outplay his opponent.

Constantly seeing games like this really inspires me to create a course for you guys on dynamic elements and material imbalances, but thats pretty advanced…let me know if you’re interested in it.

Here’s this nice game anyway.

DisasterArea-1.54 Cognac vs DisasterArea-1.54 Karpov: 0-1

Disaster Area Karpov made a very smart decision (10…Qb4+) against his brilliant opponent and swapped queens early thus removing most chances of being checkmated in a crazy attack. He then played the endgame with well.., Karpov like precision!

The conversion of the rook/bishop ending is quite nice in this quite instructive win against a dangerous opponent.

Neurosis vs Brendan J. Norman: 0-1

In this game I managed to get the better of the opening, and after Neurosis sacrificed a pawn, I grabbed it with both hands and asked Neurosis how he was planning to get compensation.

Neurosis soon made a serious mistake with 20.Nfxe6?! after which I had no trouble improving my soon-to-be dominant minor pieces, preventing counterplay and reeling in the point.

Here’s the game, plus a brief video analysis.

So…I’m on the scoreboard! 🙂

Schola 1.04 vs Rebel 12 Tal: 0-1

Rebel 12 Tal sacrifices a pawn and in return gets the bishop pair and tons of weak pawns to attack. The style in which Rebel 12 utilizes these imbalances and wins the endgame is really attractive and worth playing over over the board to learn from. I must admit after last round that I was bitterly happy to see Schola lose too haha! Excellent stuff. 🙂

So that’s it for Round 2 guys, things are heating up and we’ll see what the following rounds bring!

Round 3 coming soon, so stay tuned!