So here  it is.

Round One of my training tournament (which I’ve very maturely decided to call “Brendan’s Awesome Training Tournament”) which includes myself and 15 of the leanest, meanest chess engines on earth has come to an end.

Here’s the crosstable after round one.

round 1

Note: most of the ratings on the crosstable are bullshit (Arena enters them automatically) unless otherwise specified.

So let’s have a look at the individual results.

Mephisto Amsterdam vs Zappa Mexico Dissident Aggressor: 1/2- 1/2

What an upset! Zappa Mexico DA was expected to absolutely blow away Amsterdam here, but on the contrary Amsterdam held his own, and in fact dominated the play somewhat.

A very impressive result for Mephisto Amsterdam.

Twisted Logic Cognac vs BigLion: 1-0

A very nice attacking game in which Twisted Logic aggressively sacrificed pawns in the centre and on the queenside in order to try to open lines to black’s king.

BigLion was holding on well, but in the end Twisted Logic’s passed h-pawn was too much.

A nice display of attacking chess.

Comet A98 vs Thinker 5.1e Active: 1/2 – 1/2

Thinker played a Caro Kann and after Comet played some good moves, Thinker lost taste for his position. They repeated moves soon after and a draw was agreed.

Rodent II Henny vs DeepSjeng16 Redshift: 1-0

Rodent II Henny made short work of his opponent and a game that looked a little too easy. I don’t know how he does it!

DisasterArea Karpov vs Frenzee: 0-1

Disaster Area seems to get quite a nice advantage out of the opening and is doing well in the middlegame with several advantages, but then flounders a little.

Frenzee in his calm and Capablanca-like style, slowly improves his position and spends 70 moves tirelessly turning the screw until Disaster Area Karpov is left scratching his head in wonder.

“How the hell did I lose that?”, he might say.

Gambit Fruit Cognac vs Neurosis: 1-0

In this game Gambit Fruit Cognac is in his element. Neurosis is demolished without mercy!

Just look at the strength of those two bishops!

Rebel 12 Tal vs DisasterArea Cognac: 0-1

In this game Rebel 12 Tal tries a bold and creative idea which turns out to backfire as Disaster Area Cognac traps his queen in the corner, before launching a swift counter attack.

An embarrassing loss for Rebel 12 Tal.

Brendan J. Norman vs Schola 1.04: 0-1

This game which begins as an English opening turns crazy when first I sacrifice a pawn and then an exchange to create some chaos and dynamic chances in the position.

My thinking was that giving the exchange gives me a clear target (his weak dark squares and king) and a strong trump (passed pawn on d6) which despite having an extra rook, he will not be able to easily deal with.

It turned out good for me, but due to bad time management (read:horrible time trouble) I missed the winning move (32.d7!+-) and then later overestimated my chances and instead of taking the draw by repetition (50.Be7+), I took a risk, missed his defence and lost.

A very interesting game and a nice lesson learnt.

So those are the results of round one!

What have I learnt from round one?

It seems to be that having been out of the tournament scene for a while, my calculation is sluggish and causes me time trouble and if I want to compete (especially against engines), I’ll need to sharpen up with some form of training.

I feel like I can definitely compete with the engines in this event (regardless of result) and that the difference in strength isn’t huge. This gives me some confidence and I look forward to taking on the others and learning a lot in the process!

I hope you’ll join me!

Here is the video report from round one (with analysis of the games) for you to enjoy.

It is over one hour, so grab a coffee or beer and put your feet up. 😉

The round two report will come in a few days, stay tuned!