The training video above has chess strategies that’ll help you improve your chess.

Like all chessplayers, you’re sometimes in need of a few tricks up your sleeve for those times when the position turns against you.

And for some of us – that’s very often!

So what did you learn in this video? You should have learnt the following.

You Should Have Learnt These Chess Strategies:

  1. How to quickly provoke weaknesses and then terrorize his king when you’re down on material (saved my butt here!)
  2. Which pieces to trade and which to keep (the secret to completely exposing his king!)
  3. When you should grab material and when to say “No way man! its too risky!…” (Plus, the true reason I grabbed a “free” pawn in my game. Hint: It wasn’t for the pawn itself)
  4. How to use the deadly “Queen and Knight” attacking team to harass his exposed king.
  5. Learn my exchange sac method which left him completed naked on the light squares (I stole this idea from a well-known 1994 Karpov game!)

Time to Study the PGN File!

You’ve learnt a whole bunch of useful gems for maturing your understanding of chess – I hope you’ll get a lot from it.

I speak fairly quickly in the video, so make sure you rewind and rewatch any parts that you didn’t understand.

Oh! And download the .PGN file below!