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A Guide to Studying Your Own Chess Games

By Brendan J. Norman | Training

Recently I’ve pretty growing more and more frustrated by chessplayers who are quite low rated (let’s say 1200-1400) and who instead of studying chess the right way (absorbing the games of past masters, learning tactics, etc) just give every position a quick “scan” with the engine, see an evaluation of say +0.54+= and blurt out […]

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Learn Chess Openings the Easy Way!

By Brendan J. Norman | Chess Openings

This blog post will help you to learn chess openings easily with a simple system. Any opening you put your mind to. Sounds like some hyped up bullshit, right? Wrong. 😀 You’ll also be able to build your foundational knowledge in chess and improve your overall tactical skill and strategic knowledge. Lastly, you’ll get access to […]

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