The Fun Way to Quickly Learn Positional and Tactical Chess!

​​​​Ever wanted to improve your own positional/tactical play...without the work?

Tactical vs Positional #1 is a brand new idea that merges entertainment and chess learning - banishing forever the traditional and boring style of the average chess course.

Grab a ringside seat as Critter - one of the most aggressive chess engines on earth - plays a 6 game match with Rodent Karpov- an absolute positional maestro who plays in the style of former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

This course uncovers glaring differences between positional and tactical play - and reveals advanced strategies which you can model to win your own chess games

It contains 3.5 hours of videos and will allow you to vastly improve your chess in a short time, all the while being totally entertained!

What Do You Get?

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    6 LIVE Match Videos (Watch in pleasure as the players battle it out with live commentary!)
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    6 Post Game Analysis Videos (Go deeper in your understanding as we do a full video analysis of every game)
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    Full Engine Downloads (Download the engines and use them yourself)
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    PGN of ALL Games (Easily analyze the games yourself or with one of the engines themselves!)
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    PDF Training Material (This comprehensive analysis of the key positions will make your learning simple!)
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    How to Use Karpov video (a step-by-step video showing exactly how to setup the Rodent Karpov engine)

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